Amontillado Wine

Amontillado Wine

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This is an elegant wine ranging from dark yellow to old gold color. Its aromas are similar to hazelnut on the palate more pungent than the Fine wine. This is a dry wine, light and smooth in the mouth with a well-balanced acidity. Its flavor combines delicacy and aging harmoniously.


  • Type: Amontillado Wine
  • Alcohol content: From 16% to 22% 
  • Grape variety: Pedro Ximénez and Montepila
  • Serving suggestions: From 10º to 12º C


The aging cannot be specified with the Amontillado wine due to its production characteristics. 


This wine is produced when the fine wine is subjected to an oxidative aging for many years. The main difference with the other wine types is that the natural yeast layer at the top of the barrel has faded away. This leads to a slow transformation process which will end with the birth of fortified wines: the Amontillado.

It is an excellent addition to any savoury snack such as cheese, olives or almonds. It can be also paired with any type of beef, chicken or rabbit. Traditionally, it was always served with soups and consommé.