Eterna Sonrisa Semi-Sparkling Wine

Eterna Sonrisa Semi-Sparkling Wine

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This semi-sparkling wine is the latest addition to our catalog. It is a slightly fizzy wine to be enjoyed with any appetizer or as a grand finale for any special occasion. Try it, you will be amazed!


  • Type: Semi-sparkling wine
  • Alcohol content: 7%
  • Grape variety: Pedro Ximénez
  • Serving suggestions: 8º C


The alcohol content is obtained naturally thanks to the high temperatures reached during the grape ripening process.


This wine production begins with a careful ripening of the white Pedro Ximénez grape variety coming from the oldest land area, with 80 years old.

Due to the climate change, the harvest on our region comes ahead of time every year when temperatures are really high. In order to accommodate these changes, our havest is now scheduled at night time to prevent high temperatures from compromising the quality.

Our manual harvest allows us to select the best bunches and to obtain the first grape juice subject to a patial fermentation stopped at an 7% alcohol content. Thus, the natural acidity and sweetness of the grape are respected and the CO2 coming from the fermentation is maintained.

Finally, the wine will be subject to a slight gasification procedure to achieve that genuine fizzy effect.


It is a slightly fizzy wine to be enjoyed with any appetizer or as a grand finale for any special occasion.