Young wine

Young wine

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These broths retain the characteristics of recently fermented wines. Brilliant straw color, fruity aromas, freshness on the palate, varietal fragrance and a slight persistence of carbonic make the young wine attractive, elegant, genuine and smooth.


  • Type: Young Wine
  • Alcohol content: 11.5%
  • Grape variety: Pedro Ximenez
  • Optimum temperature: Between 8º and 10º C


This acquired alcoholic graduation is totally natural thanks to the high temperatures that are reached during the ripening of the grape.


The elaboration of this wine begins with a careful aging of the white Pedro Ximénez grapes, predominant on the property.

The grapes used to make the young wine are harvested before they are fully ripe to obtain a wine with a low alcohol content.   

Due to climate change, the harvest time is brought forward in time when temperatures are very high in the countryside. We harvest at night to prevent the high temperatures of the countryside from deteriorating the quality of the bunches. Manual harvesting is done to be able to select the grapes in the field. In the Lagar the grapes are ground by selecting the must in different pressings.

The first phase of fermentation will take place in stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature.

The second phase of fermentation will take place in cement jars using the spray system.

Once the fermentation is finished, this wine is kept under a flor veil until it is bottled. Unique and exclusive characteristic of the wines of the area.


It is a wine designed to be enjoyed in free moments, among friends. It reveals itself as a young wine, expressive as an aperitif and a perfect accompaniment to salads, shellfish, fish, white meat and rice dishes. Ideal to enjoy with pasta and dishes of medium consistency and rather low seasoning, such as vegetable stews.